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World PI Week Campaign 2024

During the World PI Week 2024 campaign, patient organisations, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders from over 50 countries joined voices to spotlight a crucial theme: “Access to care for all patients with primary immunodeficiency (PID), everywhere”.

Throughout this week, 37 NMOs launched innovative initiatives to raise awareness about PIDs. These activities included artist gatherings, PID conferences, family days, social media campaigns, educational videos, and so much more. Check out our report video here.

Additionally, IPOPI launched a video campaign featuring testimonies from NMOs worldwide. These shared experiences and challenges in accessing PID care emphasized the importance of timely and quality treatment, early diagnosis, specialised centres for PID treatment, and reimbursement.

Check here the WPIW 2024 campaign report.

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World PI Week Campaign Campaign 2023

The World PI Week 2023 campaign, focused on turning real-world data into knowledge for better care for patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies (PIDs).

An impressive milestone was achieved as IPOPI supported a record number of 38 National Member Organisations (NMOs), underscoring the strong engagement of patient organisations worldwide.

Throughout this week, diverse activities were organised across the globe to shed light on PIDs. These activities included PID congresses, impactful social media campaigns, walks, kite-flying events, press conferences, and patient surveys, among so many others.

Additionally, IPOPI launched a fantastic campaign during World PI Week, featuring video interviews with individuals from four continents. These videos emphasised the crucial need for improved data collection to enhance the quality of care for PID patients and showcased examples of the hurdles that patient organisations face when engaging in this activity.

Check here the WPIW 2023 campaign report.

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World PI Week Campaign 2022

In the World PI Week campaign 2022, patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders from over 40 countries joined forces to drive change for patients in innovative ways under the slogan “Lives can be saved”.

IPOPI was proud to be able to support campaigns from 28 different NMOs through IPOPI’s World PI Week grant programme.

Through the social media campaign #MyPhysicianAndI, IPOPI also chose to spotlight the important relationship between physicians and patients for rare chronic diseases like PIDs. Throughout World PI Week, IPOPI published selfies from the members to showcase this relationship and the equally important relationship between patient organisations and their medical advisors. IPOPI was very pleased with this campaign and thanked all NMOs who contributed to it.

Check here the WPIW 2022 campaign report.

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World PI Week Campaign 2021

Digital innovation is two key words underpinning 2021´s World PI Week campaign for all PID Stakeholders. IPOPI saw its NMOs launch social media campaigns, webinars, live streams, drawing contests, educational videos, photo contests, virtual runs, letter-writing campaigns to policymakers, and much more.

Impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, WPIW 2021 was focused on three themes: 1) Plasma availability; 2) Patient safety and protection – focus on vaccination; 3) Quality of life and health outcomes.

The themes were touched upon in various ways, for example in the campaign teaser videos and in the WPIW Talks podcast launched during the campaign week. The campaign also saw an increased engagement from key opinion leaders, mentioning the need for policymakers to ensure plasma supply so that patients with PID have access to their live-saving treatments, ensuring a good quality of life.

Check here the WPIW 2021 campaign report.

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