Executive Committee

Back to front: Johan Prevot (IPOPI Executive Director) and Board Members Roberta Pena (Argentina), Christine Jeffery, IPOPI Treasurer (Australia), Dragana Koruga (Serbia), Andrea Gressani (Italy), Martine Pergent, IPOPI Vice Chair (France), John Seymor (US), Jose Drabwell, IPOPI Chair (UK), Violetta Kozhereva (Russia) and Bruce Lim (Malaysia). Annie Piennar (South Africa) is also a Board Members but was not present at the time of the picture.

Jose Drabwell – UK

Vice Chair
Martine Pergent – France – Immuno-Deficience Primitive: Recherche, Information, Soutien (IRIS)

Christine Jeffery – Australia – Immune Deficiency Foundation of Australia (IDFA)

Executive Committee Members

Andrea Gressani – Italy – Associazione Immunodeficienze Primitive (AIP)

Dragana Koruga – Serbia – Supporting Persons with Primary Immunodeficiency (SPwID)

Violetta Kozhereva – Russia – Russian patient support group

Bruce Lim – Malaysia – MyPOPI

Roberta Anido de Pena – Argentina – Asociación Ayuda al Paciente con Immunodeficiencia Primaria (AAPIDP)

Annie Pienaar – South Africa – PiNSA

John Seymour – USA – Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF)

Prof. Bobby Gaspar (Ex Officio) – UK – Chair of Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Nizar Mahlaoui (Ex Officio) – France – Vice-Chair of Medical Advisory Panel