NMO Documents

This webpage provides IPOPI members with access to documents relevant to their affiliation with IPOPI.

IPOPI NMO acreditation

Learn how a national primary immunodeficiencies (PID) patient organisation may apply to become an IPOPI member by reading the IPOPI Criteria of Accreditation available here.

IPOPI NMO support programme

The IPOPI NMO Support Programme is open to all NMOs and serves as a resource encouraging programmes to enhance diagnosis and treatment, as well as to help new associate NMOs to become effective organisations. Learn more about this programme here. Apply here.

IPOPI NMO assessments

All IPOPI members are required to pay an annual IPOPI assessment fee, with the exception of new associate members who are exempted of paying the fee during the first year of membership. Confirm your organisation’s level for 2024 in the table provided here.