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The A to Z of APDS

With Dr Virgil Dalm and Dr Mariaelena Maccari

November 23, 2021, at 14h (UK time), 15h CET

This IPOPI Clinical Care Webinar will provide background, diagnosis, adult and pediatric perspectives, all the way through to treatment options for the rare primary immunodeficiency APDS.

Dr Virgil Dalm, from the Netherlands, will advise on the emerging place of APDS in the CVID/CID spectrum, how APDS is diagnosed, and APDS disease awareness.

Dr Mariaelena Maccari, from Germany, will take the audience through a pediatric point of view and spotlight the ESID APDS registry and treatment options.

APDS is a rare primary immunodeficiency and with this webinar, IPOPI would like to meet the needs of the community for awareness and learning more on  APDS.  Register today to take part in this webinar.

The webinar is aimed towards medical professionals with an interest in PID as well as patient group leaders and PID patients. The scope of the webinar will be clinically oriented, and suitable for a non-medical audience as well.

Speaker Bios

Dr Virgil Dalm, MD, PhD, is working as an internist-clinical immunologist in the Primary Immunodeficiency center at Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His clinical work focuses on care for adult patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiency disorders and transition care for adolescents with primary immunodeficiency disease. His goals are to improve early diagnosis, to individualize and personalize patient care, in order to improve health outcomes and quality of life in patients with rare primary immunodeficiency disorders.

His research projects address various primary immunodeficiency related questions, from a basic understanding of novel gene defects to the identification and implementation of novel pathway targeted treatment strategies in clinical practice. Moreover, his interest is on non-classically primary immunodeficiency related complications, including endocrine, psychological/psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders in primary immunodeficiency disorders.

Dr Maria Elena Maccari, MD, obtained her medical degree in 2015 in Milan and focused on primary immunodeficiencies already during her experimental MD thesis at the Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy. She then moved to Germany where she joined the Pediatrics residency program at the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology of the Freiburg University Children’s Hospital. She was then selected for a physician-scientist program at the Center for Chronic Immunodeficiency, with a specific focus on primary immunodeficiencies characterized by autoimmunity and lymphoproliferation, such as APDS. She has been working for several years as a study physician for the ESID APDS Registry, joining the effort to better define the natural history of the disease, to evaluate the response to different treatments and to identify predictors for outcome.


This Webinar will be moderated by IPOPI President, Martine Pergent.

Martine Pergent

This webinar was supported by an educational grant from Pharming.