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Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS)

With Dr Adli Ali and Prof Siobhan Burns

October 4, 2022, at 14h (UK time), 15h CET

The IPOPI Clinical Care Webinar is dedicated to: Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome (WAS)

This webinar will have Prof Adli Ali and Prof Siobhan Burns doing a two part approach to WAS.

Dr Adli Ali, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultants Pediatric Immunologist in UKM Medical Center Malaysia, will be covering: how to diagnose, what are the warning signs, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd diagnostic testing, how to manage patient and family with WAS.

Prof Siobhan Burns, Professor of Translational Immunology, Honorary Consultant in Immunology from the UCL Institute for Immunity and Transplantation at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, will cover Clinical course, when to treat and how to treat, what the infectious profile is, follow up for a patient, how to manage the disease, how often to visit a physician.

WAS is a rare primary immunodeficiency, with this webinar, IPOPI would like to meet the desire of the community for awareness and learning more on WAS. Register today to be part of this webinar.

Speaker Bios

Dr Burns is a Professor of Translational Immunology and a Honorary Consultant in Immunology. She is the Clinical Director for Immunity at the UCL Institute for Immunity and Transplantation, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. Dr Burns is a clinical academic with an interest in primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID). Originally trained in pediatric immunology, she has a specialist interest in young adults with immunodeficiency. Her research group focuses on understanding the underlying causes for PID.

Dr Adli Ali is a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Paediatric Immunologist in UKM Medical Center, Malaysia. His clinical work focusses on care for patients with primary and secondary immune disorders, autoimmune and allergy diseases. His research addresses various translational immunological issues, from fundamental understanding of novel gene defects to identification and implementation of novel pathway targeted treatment strategies in clinical practice.

Besides being actively involved with academic teaching and clinical works in patient care and research, he is a prominent driving force in patient advocacy, both in the region and internationally. Dr Adli was fundamental in the inception of Malaysia Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (MyPOPI). He is also one of the founders of South East Asia Primary Immunodeficiencies network or SEAPID, a regional network of professionals involved in the care and research of primary immunodeficiencies.


This Webinar will be moderated by IPOPI President, Martine Pergent.

Martine Pergent

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