Are you driven to advance scientific and clinical research in immunodeficiencies?

Seize the opportunity with the IPOPI Research Grant Programme. With a total grant sum of €30,000, we are fueling innovation in the field.

💡 Scope: The IPOPI Research Grant Programme is an initiative aimed at promoting scientific and clinical research in the field of immunodeficiencies. As the field of primary immunodeficiency is rapidly evolving, IPOPI believes it is key to stimulate ongoing and novel research efforts in this area. Most importantly, projects should be patient-centred and knowledge-generating.

A broad set of topics and disciplines may be considered, ranging from fundamental to clinical research or patient-derived studies, as well as medical anthropology, health economics, ethics, etc.

🌍 Who can apply: In keeping with IPOPI’s global reach, we encourage applicants from all continents to participate. The application will be open to researchers, clinicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals (HCP), as well as patient organisations worldwide. 

💰 Funding: IPOPI aims to fund a minimum of 4 grants within a total combined amount of 30.000€.

Timeframe: All projects should be concluded within a timeframe of up to 2 years.

🔍 Evaluation: Proposals will undergo rigorous evaluation by the IPOPI review committee based on the following criteria:

  • Patient-Centredness
  • Innovation and Impact
  • Budget Appropriateness
  • Clear Milestones
  • Feasibility
  • Opportunity for Outcome Communication

📝 How to Apply: Interested applicants can find detailed application instructions and access the form on our Application Guidelines page.

🔄 Outcome and Follow-up: Selected projects will receive support throughout the research process, with opportunities for dissemination through IPOPI channels.

⏱️ Deadline for applications: September 1

🚨 Please familiarise yourself with the application guidelines before completing the form.

Ready to make a difference in the field of immunodeficiencies? Apply now and let’s drive research forward, together!