Global plasma industry companies unite to accelerate the development of potential COVID-19 treatment

Biotest, BPL, LFB, and Octapharma joined an alliance formed by CSL Behring and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to develop a potential plasma-derived therapy for treating COVID-19. The alliance will immediately begin to investigate and develop one, unbranded, anti-SARS-CoV-2 polyclonal hyperimmune immunoglobulin medicine with the potential to treat individuals with serious complications from COVID-19.

Developing a hyperimmune will require plasma donation from many individuals who have fully recovered from COVID-19, and whose plasma contains antibodies that can fight the novel coronavirus. Once collected, the “convalescent” plasma would then be transported to manufacturing facilities where it undergoes proprietary processing, including virus inactivation and removal processes, and  is then purified into the product.

The collaboration will make use of expertise and work that the involved companies already had underway. Experts from the alliance will begin collaborating across key aspects such as plasma collections, clinical trial development and manufacturing. Further companies and institutions may join the alliance as well.

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