Call for nominations for IPOPI’s BIG Award

It’s time to celebrate the IPOPI community with a new award to highlight Big, Innovative and Game-changing NMO projects.

NMOs are invited to nominate a project from the past two years that has had a BIG impact on patients with PID. The project can be from your NMO, or from another NMO that you find inspiring. The nominated projects will be evaluated based on a set of criteria and a shortlist of projects will be sent back to the NMOs for voting later this year.

The deadline to nominate a project is July 8.

Do you have questions about the IPOPI BIG Award?
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IPOPI BIG Award Nomination form

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  • 02/02


  • Please write when this project took place.
  • Describe your project/activity/event (please include a minimum of 150 words).
  • If your file is too big, please submit your project without it, and email the file to
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