IPOPI 2024 General Assembly Voting Delegate Form

The IPOPI 2024 General Assembly will be held in person, on Friday October 18, 2024, Marseille, France. National Member Organisations (NMOs) are required to notify IPOPI in advance of their voting delegate, as well as an alternate, for the formal business of the General Assembly.

Note that only full members (not associate NMOs) have the right to vote at this meeting. Only the person named below, or an alternate nominated in advance, can vote and will be doing so on behalf of their NMO.

⏱️ Please note that voting delegate and alternate nominations must be shared latest September 18, 2024 (23:59 CEST).  

Please contact miriam@ipopi.org

AGM 2024 - Voting delegate form

  • 01/04

    National Member Organisation (NMO)

  • 02/04

    Voting delegate

  • Please write the full name.
  • 03/04

    Alternate delegate

  • The alternate should be ready to cast a vote on behalf of the NMO if the main voting delegate is not able to attend the AGM.
  • 04/04

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