IPOPI 3rd Regional Asian PID Meeting

IPOPI’s 3rd Regional Asian PID Meeting – Online edition!

IPOPI had the great pleasure of welcoming delegates from 19 countries from the Asia-Pacific region to the virtual 3rd Regional Asian PID Meeting, held on 18-19 September 2020. During this well attended online meeting the participants learned from both international and regional PID experts on the latest development for primary immunodeficiency (PID) in Asia.

Meeting report!


This meeting offers the opportunity to replay the presentations for educational purposes. The service is available for all presentations which have been approved by the respective speakers.

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Doctors Meeting

18 September –  17-20.00hrs (GMT+9 TOKYO)

Time Presentation Speaker
17.00 Introduction and welcome Martine Pergent, IPOPI President
Sponsor’s welcome Mr Kenji Misawa, Takeda
Sponsor’s welcome Dr Christine Jendrsczok, Kedrion
1st Session: Regional Clinical Priorities

Moderator: Mrs Martine Pergent

17:05 Video: PID diagnosis and care priorities in Japan Prof Koshuke Imai (Japan)
17:25 Video: Regional priorities – SEAPID perspectives Dr Narissara Suratannon (Thailand), SEAPID
17:45 Video: Regional priorities – APSID perspectives Prof Surjit Singh (India), APSID President
18:05 Q&A Moderators: Mrs Martine Pergent & Dr Nizar Mahlaoui
18:20-18:35                                                     BREAK
2nd Session: PID Management

Moderator: Mrs Christine Jeffery

18:35 Video: Management of severe PIDs during childhood: where do we stand in Asia? Dr Pamela Lee (Hong Kong)
18:50 Managing PIDs in adult patients with crossover conditions (autoimmunity, autoinflammation) Prof Martin Van Hagen (Netherlands, Thailand)
19:05 Video: Transition care: managing the adult patient of tomorrow – the next challenge for Asia? Dr Nizar Mahlaoui (France)
19:20 Q&A Moderators: Christine Jeffery & Dr Mahlaoui
19:30 Complex regional clinical care cases

  • Flash presentation: Rare presentation of ADA 2 deficiency as hypogammaglobulinemia with Hodgkin lymphoma (5min) + Panel Discussion (10min)
  • Multiple infections, skin lesions and hepatosplenomegaly in a newborn baby
    (5min) + Panel Discussion (10min)
Moderator: Dr Mahlaoui

Presenters: Dr Murugan Sudhakar  (India) & Dr Masahiro Ueki , Supervised by Dr Yamada (Japan)

Panel: Prof Martin Van Hagen (Netherlands), Surjit Singh (India), Le Thi Minh Huong (Vietnam)

20:00 Closing remarks Christine Jeffery, IPOPI Vice Chair