Webinar on IG Therapies – From good to best practice

IPOPI held 3rd Clinical Care Webinar on 26 September, on Immunoglobulin therapies: From good to best practice and the invited speaker was Professor Troy Torgerson from University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital, US.
In the 30 min webinar, Prof Torgerson showed several examples of patients and their treatment choices based on medical outcome and personal choice. He demonstrated how personalized care is very important for primary immunodeficiencies (PID) patients in need of immunoglobulin therapies and that a large range of immunoglobulin therapies are necessary to ensure that PID patients receive the best possible care.

The webinar was clinically oriented but suitable for a non-medical audience as well.

The recording of the webinar can now be watched on IPOPI TV

Questions & Answers

This webinar made possible with the support of Takeda.