SCID and rare diseases

Glenis Willmott MEP published an article on 21 February on the potential impact of Brexit on rare disease research and people suffering with less prevalent disorders. Ms Wilmott references rare diseases with particular emphasis on SCID and praises the work developed by GOSH on clinical trials for SCID.

Ms Willmott has been an active supporter of people with PIDs since the celebration of the 1st IPOPI PID Forum on SCID newborn screening in 2011 at the European Parliament. This article follows the 8th PID Forum on Don’t Brexit for Rare Diseases, on 24 January at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The article was published in the European Parliament Magazine, a very popular and well received publication among Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), European Union institutions and stakeholders.

From IPOPI, we would like to thank Ms Willmott for her longstanding interest and support to people with PIDs!

The full article can be seen here.