Immunoglobulin replacement therapy, A guide for general practitioners, How are primary immunodeficiencies classified?

The first leaflet ‘Immunoglobulin replacement therapy – One size does not fit all’ explains the variety of factors that patients with PIDs should consider, and discuss with their physician when an immunoglobulin replacement therapy is chosen. The second leaflet, ‘A guide for general practitioners’, demonstrates how general practitioners (GPs) can play a crucial role in identifying patients with PIDs and discusses key aspects of patient care while the third leaflet ‘How are primary immunodeficiencies classified?’ explains the latest classification system for primary immunodeficiencies.

IPOPI is pleased to make these tools available to the international PID Community! Similarly to previous editions, the leaflets are available in English, though we expect that translated versions into other languages will be prepared in the coming months with the great collaboration of our NMOs.

IPOPI wishes to thank Baxalta for their support!