Global immunoglobulin supply: steaming towards the iceberg?

Global immunoglobulin supply: steaming towards the iceberg?

A new article looking at plasma collection and immunoglobulin supply dynamics has just been published. In “Global immunoglobulin supply: steaming towards the iceberg?”, IPOPI’s Executive Director Johan Prevot and Professor Stephen Jolles (University Hospital of Wales) describe how plasma is sourced for fractionation into plasma-derived medicinal products (PDMPs), such as immunoglobulin (Ig) and provide an overview of the global plasma supply environment. Specific areas of growth in immunoglobulin use are identified alongside novel therapies, both of which are likely to have an impact on the access to immunoglobulin therapies in the years to come.

The article describes the current significant geographical imbalance in global plasma supply and the dependency on the United States. It argues for both more plasma supply and greater regionally balanced plasma collection to achieve global sufficiency in PDPMs. It also highlights the need for progress to be made towards a transparent, regulated and well tolerated framework for the coexistence of unpaid and compensated plasma donations. Concluding that these discussions should be informed by the needs of patients for these life-saving therapies, the care of donors and the safety of plasma and PDMPs.




IPOPI calls for increased plasma collection during IPAW

IPOPI is glad to take part in the celebration of the International Plasma Awareness Week (IPAW), calling for national, regional and international decision makers to consider ways of safely increasing plasma collection. Sufficient plasma collection is much needed to ensure that many patients with primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) continue to access the life-saving immunoglobulin replacement therapies.

Demand for immunoglobulin has been continuing to rise at a rate of 6-8% yearly in the past years, therefore, ensuring sufficient collection and supply of plasma has been an ongoing concern. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a worldwide decline of blood and plasma donations which will lead to further strains on the supply of immunoglobulins.

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